About our Programs

Ott College is the Argentinian specialist in providing training for the Food & Beverages, Tourism, Hotel Management, P.R. and Events industries. The institution is endorsed by the Higher Education Authorities of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. We deliver a broad range of training and educational programs including accredited certificates, short courses , and graduate certificates. Our certificates are acknowledged by many international universities where our students can attend degree and post-degree courses.

For almost 50 years we have earned a strong reputation throughout the Hospitality Industry and the Community, through the delivery of quality educational services and effective training programs.

Established in 1966, our School is located in Acassuso, San Isidro, a traditional residential and commercial district 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires City.
Over the years, the variety of courses has grown, including the following:

 Higher Education Certificates 
Hotel Management
Guiding &Tourism Management
Culinary Management
Public Relations & Event Management

 Professional Certifications 
Patisserie & Baking
Cooking & Culinary Arts
Event Management
Events and Entertainment Industry Management
Touristic Activities, with elective orientations in Cultural or Adventure
Food & Beverage
Human Resources Assistant

We also deliver an integrated program of one-term courses leading to Diplomas in Cooking, Patisserie and Baking, and a variety of short courses or workshops.
We pride ourselves on having strong industry ties, and a passionate staff who contribute their experience and knowledge in delivering the best quality education.

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